Crocodile Nail Art Is Up 88K% on Pinterest — Get Ahead of the Trend Now

  • Search for "crocodile nails" is up 88,715 percent, according to Pinterest's latest trend report.
  • The nail-art design is a popular choice for 2022 manicure trends.
  • You can wear croc nail-art in many different ways by incorporating different nail polish colors and patterns.

If Megan Thee Stallion's booster nails on SNL taught us anything, it's that everything has nail-art potential. That said, sometimes it's nice to go back to the basics like animal-print nail art. Cheetah, tortoise, and even cows have proven to be ever-popular print choices for manicures, but there's a slightly less common animal pattern emerging as the go-to for nail-lovers in 2022: crocodile print nail-art.

According to Pinterest's latest trend recap report, "croc nail design" is up 88,715 percent in search on the platform in recent months, and we can easily see why. While more traditional animal print nail-art designs are still going strong, especially among celebrities, there's something fresh and new about the croc nail-art design that makes it perfect for the new year.

Crocodile nails come in many different forms. Like its fellow animal patterns, you don't have to stick to the traditional colors found in nature like browns and grays (although they do make great options). Croc manicures can be pink, bright blue, orange, multicolored, or even glitter-based. The design is most commonly seen in french manicures with the crocodile print making up the tip of the nail, but it also works as an accent or on the entire fingernail. Whether you wear your set in a square, oval, or super sharp stiletto shape, the nail-art trend complements all.

To get inspired for your very own crocodile manicure, keep scrolling to see a variety of takes on the nail-art trend and save your favorite to show your manicurist next time you're at the salon.