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Which Royals Have College Degrees?

All the British Royals Who Hit the Books and Got a College Degree

Which Royals Have College Degrees?
Image Source: Getty / Anwar Hussein

We might think of royals as bypassing many "normal" aspects of life, but there's one thing they're starting to do: have college degrees. Although previous generations of royalty (and their consorts) typically did not attend college, preferring private, personalized education, the current generations are turning that around, with several members of the royal family attaining college degrees. Two of the queen's four children have full-fledged college degrees, and all but one of the following generation has chosen to pursue a degree as well. While some of them will likely never use their specific degrees as full-time royals, some of the royals further from the throne have transformed their studies into real long-term careers. Keep reading to see which royals have degrees, where they attended college, and what they studied.

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