Please Enjoy a Shirtless, Short-Shorts-Wearing Donald Glover Running Errands

Daddy — er, we mean Donald — Glover is here to quench your heatwave-induced thirst. As temperatures continued to rise across the country over the weekend, the "Atlanta" actor coped by ditching his shirt while running errands around New York City on July 24. And thus, the internet's favorite new paparazzi photo shoot was born.

A shirtless Glover showed off his physique on the streets of SoHo wearing nothing but a bucket hat, athletic shorts, and sneakers, all of the same mustard-yellow hue. His shorts weren't just any ol' athletic shorts, though — the hemline reached noticeably high and offered perhaps one of the most generous views of his muscular legs we've seen yet. With a Nike duffle bag slung over one shoulder and wireless earbuds in his ears, he appeared to be leaving or en route to a gym, which would certainly explain his sporty getup. Oh, how we wish he'd treat the world to a shirtless workout video.

Glover is certainly not shy about losing his shirt on screen. The singer and rapper went topless for the entirety of his "This Is America" music video in 2018 and offered fans a peek at his abs in the 2015 movie "Magic Mike XXL." Glover has been spotted all around the Big Apple recently shooting Prime Video's "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" series with costar Maya Erskine. Perhaps this is the first of many shirtless summer sightings to come as filming continues? Join us in crossing your fingers, and check out all the pictures of Glover traversing around SoHo ahead.