16 Times the Jonas Brothers' Banter Turned an Interview Into a Roast Session

The Jonas Brothers turned us back into suckers for them when they reunited almost a year ago, and it's been an exciting time for fans ever since. Not only did they give us the amazing Happiness Begins album and their Chasing Happiness documentary, but they also got us up and moving with their recent nostalgic music video for "What a Man Gotta Do." Not to mention, they'll be performing at the Grammys! Amid all of the excitement, they've been doing several interviews, and they can't resist showing off their goofy sides when they're together. Ahead, watch them make each other laugh with their brotherly banter during some of their funniest interviews.

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When Kevin Revealed Joe's Biggest Fear

In a game of "Know Your Bro" on the Elvis Duran Show, Kevin revealed that one of Joe's biggest fears when he was younger was Avril Lavigne . . . yes, the actual singer. Turns out, Joe had some pretty disturbing dreams about the "Complicated" crooner, which he talks about at the 1:05 mark!

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When They Wrote a Love Song After Day Drinking With Seth Meyers

The Jonas Brothers proved they could (sort of) handle their liquor during this segment on Late Night With Seth Meyers but not without some sibling back-and-forth.

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When Joe Downplayed Kevin's Knowledge of Celebrity Trivia

At the end of this interview, Kevin was challenged to a trivia game about famous siblings, and he definitely knew his stuff. But Joe was still unimpressed and made sure to let everyone know.

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When Joe Called Out Nick's Slip-Up About Professional Athletes Drinking at Their Concerts

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Nick spoke about some of the famous NFL and MLB players who attended their Happiness Begins tour. And he might've accidentally divulged some top-secret information about their concert behavior. "They're at the show, drinking, having fun," he said before back-tracking since in-season drinking isn't totally encouraged. Naturally, Joe couldn't let him live it down.

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When Nick Called Out Joe For Not Remembering the Lyrics to "Lovebug"

Nick was not about let Joe slide for forgetting their own song. Watch the hilarious moment at 1:22!

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When They Ratted Each Other Out During a Game of "Know Your Bro" on Jimmy Fallon

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When Joe Quickly Chimed In on Who He Thinks Is the Most Annoying Brother

It definitely doesn't take long for Joe to answer that question at the 13:33 mark.

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When Joe and Kevin Roasted Each Other's Outfits in a Throwback Photo

Nearly one minute into the video, they start going back and forth about who had the worst style in the early 2000s.

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When They Couldn't Hold In Their Pain From Eating Spicy Wings

All of their faces in this video have meme potential.

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When Nick Took a Lie Detector Test, and Things Got Awkward

While Nick is hooked up to a lie detector, James Corden asks him, "Are you a better singer than your brothers?" And, uh, let's just say we know how he really feels about them now.

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When Nick Made Kevin Drink Bird Saliva

At the 3:15 mark, Nick purposely refuses to answer a question during a round of James Corden's "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" just so Kevin has to drink bird saliva. That's brotherly love for ya!

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When Kevin and Joe Lost It After a Fan Said Nick Is Her Favorite

Kevin and Joe might storm off at the 2:20 mark, but, of course, Nick is happy.

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When Nick Kept Bragging About His Solo Career

This is kind of a joke, but something tells me he's a little serious.

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When Joe Interrupted Kevin to Tell Him to Stop Moving So Much

"Can you stop moving your leg so fast? You're sitting so close to me, and like, it's uncomfortable." — Joe Jonas

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When They Coped With the Game of Thrones Ending in Their Own Way

OK, this "interview" is more of a satire, but it's also way too funny to not include. Nick swings a sword around, Kevin keeps quoting the show, and Joe cries in a bathtub. It doesn't get much better than this.