The Jonas Brothers Try to Write a Love Song After Going Day Drinking With Seth Meyers

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The Jonas Brothers are known for their hit love songs, but what happens when they try to write a song when they're intoxicated? Let's just say the lyrics end up being way more sexual. During Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday, the group went day drinking with Seth, his brother Josh Meyers, and actor Jack McBrayer in Brooklyn, NY, and it was nonstop fun. In addition to drinking flavored cocktails that were catered to their birth order and playing a game of "hair goalz," Kevin, Joe, and Nick competed against Seth, Josh, and Jack to see who could write the best pop song in 10 minutes. While the lyrics are certainly no "Lovebug", we have to give the Jonas Brothers props for keeping a straight face during the whole performance. Watch the hilarious video above.