This Harry Styles Lotería Game Features Some of His Most Iconic (and Hilarious) Moments

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From the dining table straight to my heart, this Harry Styles-inspired Lotería game has officially made it onto my birthday wish list (along with a few other gifts). The Style-ized version of Lotería, made by MattaMX on Etsy, is a modern take on the traditional Mexican card game, which is similar to bingo, and is definitely a game best played with friends who have a healthy appreciation for the "Adore You" singer. Each game comes with 10 large card sheets and a deck of 52 small cards that feature photos of Harry from his 2010 X Factor days and his best Fine Line style moments, as well as a little bit of everything in between.

The photos put a unique twist on the traditional Lotería cards and even add a few completely new options to the deck. Some of the Harry-inspired cards include:

  • La Sandía — inspired by "Watermelon Sugar"
  • La Bola de Cristal Disco — inspired by a promo photo shoot Harry did for his Saturday Night Live hosting debut
  • La Mano — inspired by Harry's gorgeous manicures and affinity for rings
  • El Corazón — inspired by a Harry Styles Fine Line tattoo
  • El Bailarín — inspired by his classic tutu moment on SNL
  • El Disfraz — inspired by his Elton John Dodgers Halloween costume

So, if anyone needs me, I'll be collecting candy to bet during my next game night. Invite the mini iterations of Harry into your home and relive some of his most iconic style moments in card form ahead.