10 Thoughts Kate Middleton Probably Has on a Daily Basis

Kate Middleton really is the people's princess. The 34-year-old, who was born a simple commoner in Reading, England, didn't catch the public's attention until she started dating Prince William in 2003. The couple eventually married in 2011 and are now parents to their two adorable kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. But while Kate has shown us her relatable side with her awkward interactions with Queen Elizabeth II and her athletic abilities, we also can't help but think that her life must be pretty similar to Mia Thermopolis's in The Princess Diaries. In between all the tiaras, etiquette lessons, and fancy galas, we wonder when she has time to binge on junk food and watch trashy reality TV. Here are 10 thoughts the Duchess of Cambridge probably ponders over on a daily basis:

1. Am I allowed to just go into the kitchen and make breakfast? I wonder if they have Cocoa Puffs.

2. What's that noise? Oh, all the queen's corgis . . .

3. Should I take my ripped Backstreet Boys tour t-shirt off and pretend I slept in those plaid, button-down pajamas all night?

4. Should I let George and Charlotte color all over these walls?

5. Should I bring up the Game of Thrones finale with the queen? She might think I'm trying to make a bad joke.

6. Will William ever utter a swear word? I mean, for f*ck's sake . . .

7. I hate myself for asking this, but which tiara should I wear tonight?

8. How many more boring people do I need to meet?

9. I wonder if my face can actually get stuck from holding a smile for so long?

10. Am I living a dream? I am, aren't I?

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