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Boy Meets World Halloween Episode Review

Can We Discuss How Terrifying the Halloween Episode of Boy Meets World Is?

Boy Meets World Halloween Episode Review
Image Source: Everett Collection

We all remember key moments in our childhood — big birthdays, first crushes, Summer vacations — but one thing that continuously stands out in my mind as a defining moment is the Scream-inspired episode of Boy Meets World, "And Then There Was Shawn." It first aired in February 1998 and wasn't even intended as a Halloween episode, but I didn't see it until one chilly Fall day in 2001. I had just gotten home from school, was all by myself, and was planning on doing my homework while watching the Disney Channel. But shortly after the episode began to play, I abandoned my homework and started closing all the curtains and locking all the doors.

The storyline of a crazed psycho going on a killing spree in an abandoned school not only kept me up at night for weeks to come, but it also made me fear one of the places I always felt safe. I loved (and still love) the episode, but the combination of the intense horror music, the jump-out-of-your seat moments, and the creepy janitor will probably haunt my dreams for a very long time.

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