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Hocus Pocus Quiz

Only a True Sanderson Sister Will Ace This Hocus Pocus Quiz

Image source: Everett Collection

If you were a late '80s or early '90s kid, chances are Hocus Pocus was a massive part of your childhood (and probably your adulthood now). The classic movie came out in 1993, and while it wasn't a hit right away, it quickly garnered a cult following that will probably last 300 years. There have been little-known facts revealed about the movie over the years and memorable lines that we still love to quote, but how well do you actually know Salem and the Sanderson sisters? Since Halloween is right around that dark, chilly corner and we've already started to binge-watch our favorite scary movies, now is the perfect time to test your Hocus Pocus knowledge. Take the quiz, but be warned: you may need to summon a book to ace this one.

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