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Negan's Iron in The Walking Dead's Opening Credits

How The Walking Dead Foreshadowed Negan’s Gruesome Iron Scene

When it comes to The Walking Dead, the devil's in the details. We don't need to tell you that Negan has arrived in full force for season seven, or that he's already got two major victims under his belt. Here's the thing, though: he's only just getting started. If you don't know where Negan's storyline goes in the comics, he's got plenty more hell to dish out, all the way into the show's eighth season. The coolest part is, the show has been teasing all his madness since the beginning of the season. If you look even closer, we've also gotten a few interesting hints that tease what's to come.

Here's a perfect example: as you may now know, there's another particularly gruesome weapon he has in his arsenal. It's an iron, and he uses it to punish those who wrong him. As we see in this week's episode, he heats it by the fire and burns it into the flesh of a Savior. That's why Daryl's nemesis Dwight has that gnarly scar on his face. And guess what? The Walking Dead dropped a hint about the iron, even when season seven was just starting up. Check out this shot from the opening credits: you can see the iron heating up by the fire, just as Jeffrey Dean Morgan's name pops up on the screen. If the show left this little Easter egg for us, right in plain sight, we can't help but wonder what else we're missing! Put on your thinking caps, friends.

Image Source: AMC
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