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When Is the Series Finale of Once Upon a Time?

Get Ready — This Is When You'll Have to Say Goodbye to Once Upon a Time

The end of Once Upon a Time is near, and it's making us incredibly emotional. After ABC announced in February that the fairy-tale drama's current seventh season would be its last, we're close to the series finale. Spoiler: it already sounds like it's going to be epic. Not only are a ton of fan-favorite characters returning, including Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White), Josh Dallas (Prince Charming), and Jennifer Morrison (Emma), but we're also going back to Storybrooke one last time.

So, when exactly will the show tell its final set of stories? The series finale — which is fittingly titled "Leaving Storybrooke" — is set to air on May 18. Yes, that means we're less than a week away before OUAT closes the storybook . . . for good. If you need us, we'll just be crying into a cup of hot cocoa with cinnamon and reminiscing about all our favorite moments from the series.

Image Source: ABC
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