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Who Is Bekah From The Bachelor?

Everything You've Been Dying to Know About The Bachelor's Bekah

It's inevitable that some women will automatically stand out from the very start of The Bachelor. They probably did something wacky or somehow stirred up drama in the first night. Bekah Martinez happened to stand out for a few reasons: her adorable pixie cut, the fact that she pulled up to the mansion in a cherry red 1968 Mustang, and the small detail that she's keeping her age a secret. Now that the sparkly-choker-wearing woman received a rose from Arie Luyendyk Jr. the first night and is causing crushes near and far, we're ready to find out more about the beauty!

She grew up in Fresno, CA, but is now living four hours away in Los Angeles. But make no mistake about it, this girl likes the outdoors! You can catch Martinez rock-climbing or on a snowboard. We cracked the mystery that Martinez is 22 years old — making her the youngest contestant on the hunt for Luyendyk Jr.'s heart.

Although Martinez seems to love her job as a nanny to a little girl, she said that in five years, she hopes to be "teaching art or owning an art studio for children." She added that she'll also be "hopefully married and planning to have babies!"

One thing viewers are loving most about Martinez is her hair, but she hasn't always had the pixie cut. She naturally has black hair and has worn it at shoulder length, but this chick has also rocked blond hair, silver hair, and blue hair — and this is all within the last two years! Just one look at her Instagram shows that she's a free spirit and all artsy and cool and stuff.

We'll have to stayed glued to our TVs on Monday nights to see how far Martinez will go on this journey (now that one of the four Laurens has been sent home). If Jimmy Kimmel has anything to say about it, he knows who Luyendyk Jr. will fall for . . .

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