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Who Is Hook's Daughter on Once Upon a Time?

Once Upon a Time: If This Theory Is True, Henry's Family Tree Is About to Get Very Complicated

Once Upon a Time really threw us for a loop during season seven's episode "A Pirate's Life." Not only does it reveal that Hook and Emma are expecting a baby, but it also reveals that the Hook from Hyperion Heights isn't exactly who we thought he was. He's actually the Hook we met in the Wish Realm last season! After Henry enlists help from his mom and stepdad in the Enchanted Forest flashback, the heroic trio is met with some difficulties when the gray-headed, drunken Hook teams up with Lady Tremaine. With a magic potion, he is made to look like the Hook we all know and love in an effort to win the affection of Emma.

Of course, the real Hook eventually discovers what he's up to and ends up stabbing Wish Realm Hook during a scuffle . . . but not before the latter reveals he did the whole thing to find his daughter. What?! Emma, being the Savior that she is, eventually saves the day by using her magic to heal him before jumping back to Storybrooke with her true love. While this certainly answers the question of how Captain Swan's happy ending will stay intact with Hook in Hyperion Heights, we now have a new burning question on our mind: who is Hook's mysterious daughter?

While some fans were quick to think it is Alice (he does talk about sneaking in to play chess with his daughter when she was held captive by an evil witch as a child), I have a strong feeling that it's actually Jacinda, aka the new Cinderella. Not only does the episode cut to Hook looking at her in Hyperion Heights after he reveals he has a daughter in the flashback, but we all know that OUAT loves plot twists. How crazy would it be if Henry's wife and the mother of his child is actually the daughter of an alternate version of his stepfather? While Cinderella tells Henry that Prince Charming is the reason her father is dead, what if he never actually died but simply went to a different realm? Your head spinning yet? Guess we will just have to patiently wait to see how it all pans out.

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