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Let's Break Down Kate's "Beautiful" Dream With Jack in the This Is Us Season Finale

Well, This Is Us fans, we made it through an emotional wedding weekend, and we think the Pearsons would agree with us that we wouldn't have been able to do it without our old man, Jack. After tragically passing away during the "Super Bowl Sunday" episode, our beloved TV dad reappeared in the season two finale titled "The Wedding." While fans knew Jack was coming back in the finale after appearing in the episode preview, we learned that he wasn't a guest at Kate and Toby's wedding, but in an alternate storyline that was actually Kate's vivid dream.

In the dream sequence, Jack and Rebecca celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows in a gorgeous ceremony that takes place exactly where Kate's wedding is in the Poconos. Although Toby is absent from this familial dream, Kate gets her heartwarming father-daughter dance with Jack and we see a gray-haired grandpa dancing with Randall's daughters Tess and Annie, as well as Beth meeting her would-be father-in-law. It also appears that Kevin is no longer with Sophie. It's a gut-wrenching reflection of what could have been for the sweet family, and also what could have been in their professional lives — we learn Jack and Rebecca fulfill his life-long dream of starting Big Three Homes, and work next to each other every day.

While fans couldn't get enough of Jack in the season two finale, actor Milo Ventimiglia reassured everyone that his character is here to stay. Last week, Ventimiglia appeared on Megyn Kelly Today, where he discussed his incredible cast, his close friendship with onscreen wife Mandy Moore, and — of course — appearing in the present-day finale! The host grilled him for answers, and he revealed that just because Jack died from causes related to the house fire, he's still very relevant in the series.


"I will tell you this, though: again, in true Dan Fogelman [fashion], as well as the rest of our writers — we have the most amazing writers on our crew — they have built this beautiful idea of giving the audience an aged version of Jack," Ventimiglia said, confirming that "Jack is here" to stay. "Even though we saw Jack pass, it doesn't mean that I, Milo, will leave the show. There's no Ned Stark happening, nothing like that." Phew! Watch the clip below, and see how he talks about Grandpa Jack around the 11:55-minute mark.

Image Source: NBC
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