7 Theories We Had About American Horror Story Season 5

This week Lady Gaga announced her involvement in American Horror Story's fifth season, which she also revealed will be called American Horror Story: Hotel. This means a few things: first, one of our seven theories below came true! Second, we've already begun to theorize how AHS will pull off the "Hotel" concept. It's worth bearing in mind that each new season somehow intersects with the previous ones, so on top of all this, our brains have been running wild with season connection theories. Keep reading to see all the other ideas we had, which could easily become future AHS seasons.


1. American Horror Story: Myth

  • Where it would be set: Somewhere deep in the woods. A good way to go might be a mountain town, just at the edge of a forest. There'd obviously be a cabin-in-the-woods aspect.
  • What it would be about: Urban legends and myths that exist in the United States. We're talking Slender Man, Big Foot, Bloody Mary, and more.

2. American Horror Story: Shipwreck

  • Where it would be set: Think about a cruise to Hawaii gone wrong. There are many terrifying settings built in, including a sinking ship, the depths of the ocean, and an uninhabited island.
  • What it would be about: This season could be broken out in two parts: before and after the boat sinks. Before, all kinds of terrors could befall a group of people who have nowhere to escape to. After, they'd have to worry about sharks, other sea monsters, and whatever awaited them once they found land.

3. American Horror Story: Hotel

  • Where it would be set: Considering The Shining is one of the most terrifying movies (and books) ever, a hotel, motel, or resort would be prime real estate for horror. It wouldn't necessarily need to be in the mountains either. It could be just as scary in a coastal town or thriving metropolis.
  • What it would be about: This would mostly be a return to paranormal experiences, but Murphy could absolutely weave in other plotlines, including possession, murderers, and corrupt staff members.

4. American Horror Story: Abduction

  • Where it would be set: Murphy himself revealed last year that he was considering Santa Fe as a possible filming location, so it's extremely likely we could wind up there next year. A lot has happened in the Southwest, most notably Area 51 in Roswell, NM, which many believe to be a government cover-up for an alien crash site.
  • What it would be about: The word "abduction" presents an awesome opportunity for wordplay. Murphy could obviously work in aliens, which showed up in Asylum but weren't fully fleshed out. It would also be a chance to work in kidnapping as another kind of abduction.

5. American Horror Story: Maniac

  • Where it would be set: This is another one that could take place almost anywhere. In the bowels of a huge, overpopulated city or a small, secluded town in the Midwest.
  • What it would be about: All kinds of maniacs. Cannibals, rapists, murderers, what have you. Basically, if there's been a slasher movie about it, it belongs here.

6. American Horror Story: Arctic Tundra

  • Where it would be set: Why not take it all the way up to Alaska? There's something terrifying about a place where it's sometimes dark for 24 straight hours. Plus it's cold and isolated.
  • What it would be about: You could go in a lot of directions. A snowed-in cabin, a haunted ski lodge, or even a creepy ice cave.

7. American Horror Story: Summer Camp

  • Where it would be set: You can probably guess. It would have to be a sleep-away camp, but it would probably take place in almost any state and still reach the desired creepiness.
  • What it would be about: Children are often used as a tool in horror, both as witnesses to events adults miss or don't believe and sometimes as tools for evil, in the form of possession or spiritual interference. Think about a camp with creepy kids, murderous counselors, malevolent outside forces, or all of the above.

What do you think? Do you have any theories that we missed?