34 Famous Movie Duos to Inspire Your Couples' Halloween Costume

Look no further for iconic movie duos that can inspire your next Halloween costume for couples! From funny pairs like Wayne and Garth from "Wayne's World" and "Elf"'s Buddy and Jovie to classic couples like Mary Poppins and Bert and Barbie and Ken, there are so many pop culture twosomes to provide endless dress-up inspiration for your next costume this Halloween season.

The best part about dressing up with a friend or your significant other is you can come up with most of your outfits at home, whether you want to scare the crap out of people this Halloween as Chucky and Tiffany From "Bride of Chucky" or channel an adorable romantic couple, like Ally and Noah from "The Notebook."

Take a look at these couple movie character costume ideas inspired by your favorite flicks ahead!

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano


Movie Couples Costumes: Jack and Rose From "Titanic"

Spend your Halloween as the star-crossed lovers from "Titanic" by finding some suspenders for Jack and an elegant dress for Rose — bonus points if you get a third person to dress up as an iceberg.


Movie Couples Costumes: Edward and Kim Boggs From "Edward Scissorhands"

An "Edward Scissorhands" couples costume is definitely a fun and eye-catching look — but if you're dressed as Scissorhands himself, just be sure to exercise caution with those long, sharp, metal hands of yours.


Movie Couples Costumes: Andie and Duckie From "Pretty in Pink"

A "Pretty in Pink" costume is a great excuse to shop for frilly pink looks to your heart's content, if you're going as Andie. For Duckie, grab a suit or a patterned vintage jacket and you'll be set.


Movie Couples Costumes: Harley Quinn and the Joker

A Harley Quinn and Joker couples' Halloween costume is instantly recognizable — just make sure you pull off her pigtails and his green hair.


Movie Couples Costumes: Doc Brown and Marty McFly From "Back to the Future"

A "Back to the Future" reboot might be out of the question, but there's no reason you can't pay tribute to this timeline-jumping pair — and all you really need is a white suit and white wig for Doc and a red vest for Marty.


Movie Couples Costumes: Noah and Allie From "The Notebook"

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams's real-life relationship may not have lasted long, but their romance in "The Notebook" lives forever in our hearts — and a Noah and Allie couples' costume is a great way to pay tribute to it.


Movie Couples Costumes: Zorro and Elena From "The Legend of Zorro"

For a Zorro and Elena couples' Halloween costume, grab a black cloak and eye mask for him and a white dress with a corset for her — and whatever you do, don't forget about the swords.


Movie Couples Costumes: Carrie and Tommy From "Carrie"

The person dressed as Tommy will likely be able to re-wear their prom night suit from this couples' costume — but your bloodstained Carrie dress will most likely have to remain in the closet.


Movie Couples Costumes: Mario and Princess Peach

Every Princess Peach needs their Mario, so dress as the iconic video game characters with your partner this spooky season.


Movie Couples Costumes: Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy

Whether you're just friends or a romantic couple, dressing up as Miles and Gwen from the Spider-Verse franchise is a perfect choice this Halloween.


Movie Couples Costumes: Barbie and Ken

Barbie and Ken may not technically be a couple in the new "Barbie" movie, but they're still inextricably linked by the universe, even if it means Ken will pine after Barbie forever — making them a perfect choice for your couples costume.


Movie Couples Costumes: Agatha and Zero From "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

An Agatha and Zero couples' Halloween costume will require a semi-formal beige dress for her, and of course, a purple "Lobby Boy" hat for him.


Movie Couples Costumes: Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega From "Pulp Fiction"

Few Halloween duos are classier than a"Pulp Fiction" couples' costume — and once you've acquired Mia's short black hair and the pair's matching white shirts and black pants, all you'll need are their dance moves to complete the look.


Movie Couples Costumes: Han Solo and Princess Leia From Star Wars

Show off your heroic side with a Han Solo and Princess Leia couples' costume — just don't get carried away with the hairspray on your space buns.


Movie Couples Costumes: Lady and the Tramp

For Disney lovers out there, a "Lady and the Tramp" couples' Halloween costume is the perfect excuse to spend Halloween night on a romantic date at an Italian restaurant.


Movie Couples Costumes: Forrest and Jenny From "Forrest Gump"

Jenny's free-spirited hippie style and Forrest's neat, buttoned-down look will make for an adorable couples' costume that can also probably double as everyday wear.


Movie Couples Costumes: Lola Bunny and Bugs Bunny From "Space Jam"

Bugs and Lola Bunny are another great intergalactic costume, especially for anyone looking to express their love of basketball and cartoons with their Halloween costumes this year.


Movie Couples Costumes: Roger and Anita From "101 Dalmations"

You can probably find a Roger and Anita costume in your closet, and just take this as your sign to adopt a few dogs from your nearest pet shelter to complete the look.


Movie Couples Costumes: Indiana Jones and Marion From "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with a "Raiders of the Lost Ark" costume — you'll be able to enjoy all the thrill of being Indiana Jones and Marion with this look without fearing any boulders or snake-infested labyrinths.


Movie Couples Costumes: Belle and Gaston From "Beauty and the Beast"

A blue dress and white apron for Belle and a red shirt and a bit of hair grease for Gaston is all you need to complete this classic Disney look.


Movie Couples Costumes: Westley and Buttercup From "The Princess Bride"

Westley and Buttercup's flowing, regal costumes from "The Princess Bride" will allow you to exude both glamour and comfort on Halloween night — just be prepared to hear a lot of people say "as you wish" over the course of the evening.


Movie Couples Costumes: Baby and Johnny From "Dirty Dancing"

"Dirty Dancing" is a classic, and with this fun couples' costume, you'll get to show off your dance moves (or just say the line "nobody puts Baby in a corner" over and over).


Movie Couples Costumes: Woody and Jessie From "Toy Story"

A Woody and Jessie couples' Halloween costume is a great excuse to whip out your cowboy hat and cow-print pants and vest, and everyone is sure to recognize this nostalgic pair.


Movie Couples Costumes: Buddy and Jovie From "Elf"

It's never too early to start preparing for Christmas, and an "Elf" costume is an excellent way to get a jumpstart on your holiday prep while still enjoying Halloween.


Movie Couples Costumes: Napoleon and Deb From "Napoleon Dynamite"

A "Vote For Pedro" shirt and Napoleon Dynamite's classic glasses are all you'll need for his look, and for her half of this couples' costume, just find your geekiest striped button-down and a blue scrunchie.


Movie Couples Costumes: Hercules and Meg

Embrace your inner Greek demigod with a Hercules and Meg costume — just be prepared to have to take a trip into Hades at some point in the evening.


Movie Couples Costumes: Veronica Corningstone and Ron Burgundy From "Anchorman"

You'll be ready to go on-air with an "Anchorman" costume, which is a great excuse to acquire a burgundy suit for Ron and a cute plaid skirt for Veronica.


Movie Couples Costumes: Wendy and Squints From "The Sandlot"

A Wendy and Squints couples' costume can also likely be found in your closets; you'll just need a baseball bat to complete the look.


Movie Couples Costumes: Tiana and Prince Naveen From "The Princess and the Frog"

For your "Princess and the Frog" costume, you could go the extra mile and begin the night in Tiana's apron and Prince Naveen's frog costume — and then dramatically transform into your prince and princess looks at some point in the evening.


Movie Couples Costumes: Goose and Maverick From "Top Gun"

"Top Gun: Maverick" was a smash hit this year, and for your look as Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards's gravity-defying duo, you'll just need their uniforms and a little dirt and grease to spice things up.


Movie Couples Costumes: Wayne and Garth From "Wayne's World"

Grab a guitar, a shaggy blonde wig, and some ripped jeans for this cute Halloween costume, and you'll be all ready to embody this classic duo.


Movie Couples Costumes: Chucky and Tiffany From "Bride of Chucky"

This terrifying couples' costume is sure to send all your doll-fearing friends running for the hills.


Movie Couples Costumes: Sally and Jack From "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

For your "Nightmare Before Christmas" couples' costume, you'll need to find a pinstripe suit, a raggedy-looking dress for Sally, and of course, a fairly large amount of face paint to complete your transformation into this macabre pair.