"Why Do I Love It So Much?" Our Reactions to Dua Lipa's Retro New Album, Future Nostalgia

We know it's still early in the year, but Dua Lipa might have dropped one of the best albums of 2020. On March 27, the London native released her second studio album, Future Nostalgia, and it has justifiably received widespread praise. The 11-track collection, a follow-up to her eponymous 2017 LP, is infused with pop-disco elements that transport you to a dance floor glimmering with lights and liberty. We're forever grateful that Lipa shared the tunes a week early to help us get through our social distancing efforts.

Ahead of Future Nostalgia's unveiling, Lipa gave us high expectations with her catchy singles "Don't Start Now," "Physical," and "Break My Heart." But she still managed to exceed those expectations with new bangers like "Love Again" and "Hallucinate." We were initially going to highlight our favorite songs on the LP, but it's honestly too hard. Instead, crank on the tunes, sit back, and read what POPSUGAR editors have to say about every song on Lipa's musical masterpiece.

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"Future Nostalgia"

"'Future Nostalgia' is incredibly corny, and I love it. It sounds like a song that would have crushed it on Club MTV back in the day, and I might just go ahead and turn my own bedroom into a club to test out that theory." — Kelsey Garcia, Trending and Viral Features Editor

"Oh my gosh, this chorus. Why do I love it so much? The lyrics are playfully powerful, the cadence is spirited, and the instrumentals are just . . . *chef's kiss.* It's such a lively track." — Brea Cubit, Assistant Celebrity and Entertainment Editor

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"Don't Start Now"

"I mean . . . it's a hit for a reason! Dropping the song, which has been popular for a minute now, early on in the album, is a very smart move." — KG

"I liked this song when Dua first released it as a single, but I loved it even more after I saw her perform it at the MTV EMAs back in November. The dance break gets me on my feet every single time." — BC

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"'Cool' has some strong '80s sonic bits, yet it's so modern. That's the feel of the entire album, but this song is a prime example of that superfun fusion." — BC

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"It totally makes sense that Dua dropped a workout video for this song. It actually makes me want to exercise, which rarely (*cough* never *cough*) happens." — BC

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"My favorite song (so far) is 'Levitating.' Her music and album give what the title promises — NOSTALGIA! It truly makes me feel like I'm back in 2000, waiting for Carson Daly to premiere her video on TRL. It's just feel-good music." — Zareen Siddiqui, Audience Development Senior Manager

"This one isn't one of my top-tier favorites, but it does have a fun disco anthem feel to it. All I'm saying is, if it came on during a wedding or something, I would be pumped." — KG

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"Pretty Please"

"Ya know, this track almost makes me want to be in a relationship. Almost." — BC

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"Compared to her discography up until this point, I feel like Dua is really attempting something different here with this song that feels like a nod to Kylie Minogue and Ray of Light-era Madonna. With its subdued beat and not overly complicated lyrics, I feel like this is the easiest listen on the album." — KG

"'Hallucinate' is that girl. While 'Don't Start Now' was the album's lead single and breakout hit, 'Hallucinate' is cut from the same club-ready cloth, with sultry '80s-tinged synths that overlay another irresistibly catchy bassline. I, for one, can't wait for this track to get the remix treatment à la New York club favorite 'Don't Start Now (Purple Disco Machine Remix).' Know that wherever I am, I'll be making a beeline for the dance floor, and probably spilling a G&T on everyone in my path." — Chris Roney, Copy Editor

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"Love Again"

"If I had to pick my favorite song on the album, this would be tied for first place with 'Break My Heart.' (Thank God they appear back to back.) The production is just incredible — don't get me started on those stringed instruments. Also, that expression of disbelief when you actually like someone is so relatable." — BC

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"Break My Heart"

"Empowering lyrics, a catchy chorus, and corresponding choreography: this song, which feels like a natural follow-up to 'New Rules,' is Dua Lipa at her best, and it's by far my favorite song on the album." — KG

"My poor roommates had to deal with me blasting this song 50 times in a row when I first heard it. It only took me about 45 minutes to learn all the lyrics. I'm obsessed." — BC

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"Good in Bed"

"So, was Lily Allen a ghostwriter on this song? It sounds very reminiscent of 'Smile,' and though it teeters on derivative, I can't help but like this punny track. Maybe it's because I've always liked Lily Allen?" — KG

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"Boys Will Be Boys"

"You better call out gender inequality with those vocals, Dua! I think a lot of women can relate to that feeling of being on guard when they're walking somewhere alone or dealing with things like catcalling. We're often told to 'just ignore it' or act like it doesn't bother us, but it can be extremely unsettling and irritating to experience. So it's important to bring attention to that to help rectify the issue.

I also think, thematically, 'Boys Will Be Boys' is a nice wrap-up song, though I expected a different concluding sound. I love that she spent the first 10 songs pouring her heart out unapologetically, whether she was singing about romance or independence. And when all is said and done, she's letting us know that she has every right to feel everything she's expressed." — BC