Dua Lipa Released a Groovy Music Video, and TikTok Must Be Scrambling to Learn the Dance

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Dua Lipa's got a new aesthetic, and she's sticking to it. Following elaborate music videos for "Don't Start Now" and "Physical" — the latter of which also came with an '80s-inspired workout video — the singer is leaning into surrealism and all things retro with her latest offering, "Break My Heart."

The third single off Lipa's forthcoming second studio album Future Nostalgia, the song has a rhythmic grooviness with one hell of a catchy chorus. "Break My Heart" recommends staying home over potentially falling for someone who could cause heartbreak, and it actually feels like a natural follow-up to 2017's ubiquitous "New Rules."

In the video, which was released the day after the song, Lipa chaotically teleports through various scenarios: a traffic-jammed city street, a hotel bar with a disco dance floor, an airplane aisle lined with the iconic carpet from The Shining. And through it all, she's dancing. Watch the amusing video above, and look out for more from Lipa when Future Nostalgia is released on March 27.