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Watch Dua Lipa's "Let's Get Physical" Workout Video

Dua Lipa Has Us Doing Hip Thrusters and Breath Work in Her New "Physical" Workout Video

Grab your leg warmers, one-pieces, and sweatbands, y'all — we're about to get sweaty! Over a month after she released the music video to her song "Physical," Dua Lipa is giving fans even more fast-paced, heart-racing content, and this time it's in the form of a workout video. Dua released a cardio workout video titled "Let's Get Physical," where she channels her inner Jane Fonda for a very '80s routine. As the lead instructor, Dua takes viewers and her backup crew through breathing exercises, rapid bicep curls, hip thrusters, and even moves like "the crybaby," "the rump shaker," and "the Fonda."

As her song is a nod to Olivia Newton-John's 1981 hit "Physical," it should come as no surprise that the video resembles a VHS straight out of the '80s. Watch the "Physical" workout video above, and follow along for a cardio routine taught by Dua Lipa herself.

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