Ellen Pompeo's Dream Finale For Grey's Anatomy Involves All the Original Cast Members

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Grey's Anatomy is celebrating a legendary 16 seasons, and James Corden got in on the fun when the series' leading lady, Ellen Pompeo, stopped by The Late Late Show on Sept. 27. When the talk-show host asked Pompeo what it's like being on a show for so long, the actress revealed that having such a loyal fan base, they can "just play, and have fun" with everything. "We've built such a TV legacy, and we've worked so hard that it's kind of like the last half hour of the party where you can just go crazy," she added, laughing.

But don't worry Grey's fans, there's still quite of bit of time left for this particular party to keep going. Even so, when Corden asked Pompeo what her dream finale for the show would look, the actress admitted that she would love to have all of the original cast members come back for it. Of course, that would be a little hard considering a majority of them are dead!

Luckily, if Pompeo and the rest of the bigwigs at Grey's are ever looking for some fresh blood (which they always are), Corden has a stellar idea for a character that he would love to bring to the drama. You'll have to watch the video to learn more, but let's just say his name is Trent, and he's . . . complicated.