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Euphoria: What Happens to Fez in Season 2's Finale? Theories

What Happens to Fez in the "Euphoria" Season 2 Finale? 5 Theories

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

Euphoria: What Happens to Fez in Season 2's Finale? Theories
Image Source: HBO

The Feb. 20 episode of "Euphoria" is utterly chaotic, and we loved every second of it! The penultimate episode of the Emmy-winning HBO series sees Lexi (Maude Apatow) putting on her eagerly anticipated school play based on the leading ladies of the show. From the casting of students who are the spitting image of Rue (Zendaya) and Co. and Lexi's interesting take on her life and the lives of those who are close to her, to the showstopping finale led by Ethan (Austin Abrams), the play is beautifully, artistically, and accurately executed by the younger Howard sister. But amid the magic, one thing is missing: Lexi's new flame, Fez (Angus Cloud). Though Fez promised to be there front and center to support Lexi, his reserved seat is empty throughout the episode.

Given the looming danger surrounding Fez and Ashtray (Javon Walton) and what fans gleaned from the season finale promo (Fez is seen covered in blood on the ground screaming), the Fez Hive are biting their nails awaiting the season two finale. It's obvious whatever Custer has planned with the police is what prevents Fez from making it to Lexi's play, but exactly what that plan is and how Fez, Ash, and Faye may be impacted is what fans are totally in the dark about. While we still have to wait a week before the series reveals Fez's fate, fans have some interesting theories about their favorite character and why, exactly, Fez didn't make it to Lexi's play. Ahead, let's break them down one by one.

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