An Ode to Ice Cream-Scooping Steve Harrington and His Uniform in Stranger Things Season 3

Stranger Things character Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) has probably gone through the best glow-up out of everyone in the series. He went from being an annoying jerk in season one to a protective mother of six children in season two to a protective mother of six children with an ice cream scooper in season three. It's an archetype of character development, and as a big fan of both the character and Keery, I'm living for every single one of his scenes.

In the third installment of Stranger Things, we see how Steve's friendship with Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) develops, as well as his bond with coworker Robin, whom he works with at an ice cream shop called Scoops Ahoy at the Starcourt Mall. While everyone else on the show is rocking some flashy '80s threads (shout-out to Eleven's romper and Jim Hopper's Hawaiian shirt), Steve remains in his Scoops Ahoy uniform for quite some time throughout the season. But that actually makes me love him even more. Between his "Ahoy" hat, short shorts, and little name tag, I can't help but smile and dreamily look into his eyes when he's on the screen.

The point is, Steve can serve me ice cream and/or captain my ship any time he wants, and that's that. I'm certainly not the only person who feels this way, either. Look ahead to see some of the best and most relatable reactions to Steve's beautiful self in Stranger Things season three!