There Are Ghosts Hidden in Every The Haunting of Hill House Episode — Here Are Over 40 of Them

By now, you've probably heard that there are hidden ghosts sprinkled throughout the dark, creepy backgrounds of every episode of The Haunting of Hill House, but did you realize there are over 40 of them?! During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Mike Flanagan not only revealed a crushing theory about the end of Netflix's horror series but also the reason so many ghosts linger in the corners of each frame.

"We had actually written and planned to shoot a complete history of Hill House," he explained. "Every other episode would open with about a five-minute history thing narrated by Steven, from his book and we did take from Jackson that the first victim of the house died before anyone had ever really stepped foot in it. We had built a really complex history of the Hill family that we ultimately didn't shoot."

Fortunately for all of us who were too scared by the Bent Neck Lady to pay attention to all those subtly horrifying Easter eggs, IMDb put together a video of all the spirits you might have missed. In addition to ghosts like William Hill (aka the tall, floating man) and Poppy Hill, there are quite a few that you won't recognize (and many that will give you nightmares). Watch the breakdown above, and then keep scrolling to take a closer look.

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