Claire Underwood Is Determined to Defend Her Destiny in the House of Cards Season 6 Trailer

Just in case you had any doubts: House of Cards is doing totally fine without Kevin Spacey. In fact, it looks like season six might feature the Netflix political drama's most compelling episodes yet.

In the brief first teaser, which dropped during the Oscars earlier this year, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) declares that they're "just getting started." In the second clip, which arrived on July 4, she says "Happy Independence Day . . . to me," before the hashtag #MyTurn flashes onscreen. The final trailer for the last season dropped on Sept. 27 and we finally get a peek at what Claire's presidency will look like.

The trailer shows that despite Claire being free from Frank, all is not well in the White House. We finally get to see cast additions Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear in action and see exactly how the rest of the world is handling their new President. Watch the badass look at Claire in action in the official trailer above.

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Official Trailer