As a Reminder, This Is How the Original Veronica Mars Series Ends

We're so excited for Veronica Mars to finally be back on our screens again! The quirky mystery series was canceled back in 2007 by the newly formed CW network, and its third season ended not quite on a cliffhanger, but definitely with some unresolved plot threads dangling. A 2014 movie sequel brought back the characters as adults, and it's definitely worth revisiting where we last saw this story before you dive into Hulu's revival, which is now streaming.

When the original series leaves off back in 2007, Veronica is dealing with the fallout from a leaked sex tape of her and then-boyfriend Piz. As it turns out, there's a lot more happening than just a creepy fraternity secretly filming people: a shady secret society, called the Castle, is behind it all. Veronica steals a computer in order to discover the identities of Castle members, but it comes at a heavy price. Her father, Sheriff Keith Mars, sees her on the surveillance footage when he investigates the theft but doesn't report her; instead, he erases the tapes. As a result, he's charged with tampering with evidence and appears likely to lose the election, where he's up for reelection.

The final episode of the original series also addresses one of the major elements of the final season: a love triangle between Veronica, Piz, and Veronica's epic-love/on-and-off ex-boyfriend, Logan. Upon discovering the existence of the sex tape, Logan (incorrectly) assumes Piz filmed and leaked it and beats him up as a result. He does apologize, both to Piz and to Veronica, when he learns the truth, but his girlfriend, Parker, breaks up with him, realizing he's still in love with Veronica. The love triangle remains dangling and unresolved at the end of the series.

VERONICA MARS, from left: Jason Dohring, Kristen Bell, 2014. ph: Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection
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Although season three was the end of the Veronica Mars TV show, it wasn't the most recent time we saw those characters. In 2014, a Kickstarter-funded feature film debuted, picking up the story nine years after the events of the finale. Once again, Veronica is investigating a mystery, but it's personal this time: former classmate Carrie has been murdered, and Logan is the prime suspect, so he calls up Veronica for help. Although she's in a relationship with Piz, she still returns to Neptune to try to help clear Logan's name.

By the end of the movie, Veronica has successfully proven Logan's innocence, but her friends and family aren't all in great places. After giving up the criminal lifestyle, Weevil is shot and framed for a crime and eventually sinks back into a criminal life. Keith is nearly killed in a car crash intended to silence him, and Veronica and Piz break up. However, it's not all bad news. Veronica and Logan reunite, and he promises to return to her once his time in the Navy is over, and Veronica takes over her father's PI business with her old friend Mac as her assistant. So, which of these stories will be revisited in the revival? With most of the original cast returning, we can't wait to see what happens next in Veronica's life.