Wandavision: You're Not the Only One Wondering About Vision's Presence

The premiere episodes of Marvel's first series, WandaVision, set up a surreal sitcom featuring Wanda and Vision as a newlywed couple trying to fit into their new suburban neighborhood. But something dark lurks beneath the surface of their seemingly picturesque life, and viewers have more questions than answers about every episode. Especially the all-important question, where the heck did Vision come from?

As you may recall, the last time fans saw Vision was at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. The synthezoid died twice, first at the hands of his girlfriend, and then at the hands of Thanos. A majority of Infinity War revolved around the Avengers fighting to keep Vision from sacrificing himself to prevent Thanos from snatching the Mind Stone in his head, which Wanda ultimately destroys as a final resort. But that was just in time (hehe) for Thanos to have gained possession of the Time Stone, and he turns back time and takes the Mind Stone from Vision's forehead, killing him again as Wanda watches. Although the Avengers reverse the Snapture in Avengers: Endgame, it doesn't bring Vision back to life since he died before the event. So, yeah, Vision is technically dead. But the more important question to ask is where did his body go?'

And that fans, is what brings us to WandaVision! There haven't been any references to Vision's death in the first two episodes — aside from a pointed joke about Vision's indestructible head, which, ow — but the fact that Vision is "alive" and talking is a good indication that something stinks in Denmark. One may think that Wanda is hallucinating him, but that wouldn't make sense since everyone else can see and interact with him as well. And everyone else in WestView are real people; we see that when Dottie cut her hand and bled. So whoever or whatever Vision currently is, he's functional. I have two working theories! A) Vision's body was somehow recovered by the mysterious S.W.O.R.D. agency (as we see their symbol all over the place). The trauma of seeing her lover again triggers a breakdown and a magical burst in which she's able to reanimate him somehow and traps the surrounding people in WestView to live out the happy life she always wanted.

Or B) Wanda and the town of WestView are under some sort of spell/coma, and while she's able to control some aspects of the reality, she doesn't have full control of her powers. That's why she doesn't remember how any of this started or what's going on. Even though she's under someone else's influence, she and Vision are still able to pick up on the bad vibes. But Wanda wants the happy ending she has, even if everyone around them seems to know they're trapped (that dinner scene will stay lodged in my brain forever). So, how do they snap her out of it? And will Vision still be alive when WandaVision's ninth episode ends?? I have no clue, but I'm excited to see it!