Idris Elba Says He’s Not the Next 007, so Don’t Send Out Any Bond Girl Applications Just Yet

It seems like every year, fans go through a bout of hearing rumors that the next James Bond could be Idris Elba, going into a fervor because hell yes, and then ultimately being disappointed when it all proves to be just that — rumors. The speculation dates back to 2014, when the controversial Sony hacking scandal went down and a leaked email from studio chief Amy Pascal reportedly read, "Idris should be the next bond." She was obviously preaching to the choir, because people were all for it. Especially since the franchise's upcoming film will be the last time Daniel Craig will reprise the iconic role. However, Elba has maintained for years that he isn't going to play the superspy, though he is flattered by the idea. He's even suggested that the role be taken up by a woman, instead.

However, there's just something about Elba that screams James Bond. At least, the franchise's producers certainly seemed to think so, because the rumors started circulating once again. According to The Daily Star, Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli has said "it is time" for a non-white actor to take on the iconic role. On Aug. 9, director Antoine Fuqua revealed that in a conversation with Broccoli, the producer said she was certain that the move "will happen eventually" and named Elba as the reported frontrunner to take over for Craig when he hangs up his suit.

Unfortunately, Elba isn't on the same page as Broccoli. On Aug. 21, while at the premiere of his new film Yardie with fiancée Sabrina Dhowre, Elba was asked by Good Morning Britain if he'll be taking over the iconic spy role after Craig. The actor very firmly told the reporter no, even joking that he prefers his martini stir-fried rather than shaken or stirred. The answer reflects the actor's earlier response to the rumors in which he tweeted out a cryptic message: "Don't believe the HYPE."

While some may speculate that Elba wouldn't be able to divulge whether or not he actually has the role with Craig still occupying it, his answer seems pretty definite. But fans should keep a stiff upper lip and not lose hope; there's always a chance he may change his mind. If nothing else, we'll always have those annual rumors.

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