6 Major Revelations From Jane the Virgin's Eye-Opening Season 5 Premiere

Warning: All the spoilers for Jane the Virgin below!

If you're currently trying to gather the pieces of your brain after watching Jane the Virgin's intense season five premiere, we feel you. The CW series starts its final season by picking up where we left off in the season four finale, and it feels like it's one surprise after another throughout the entire episode. From Michael's reappearance to the mystery of who Jane Ramos shot, the episode takes us from one roller coaster to the next. But before you hit that replay button, take a deep breath and read on — we've rounded up the six biggest revelations from the season five premiere. It all starts when Rafael invites Jane over to his apartment.

Yes, Michael Is Alive!

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The episode starts with a flashback of the Villanueva family celebrating the Day of the Dead when Jane is seven years old and learning the importance of telling stories to keep family alive. It flashes forward to a newly widowed Jane with Xiomara and Alba, as she struggles to cope with Michael's death and continues to show her grieving process as the years pass. The flashback ends with Jane, Mateo, and their family at Michael's gravesite, the writer teaching her son the same lessons she learned as a child.

Back in the present, Rafael takes Jane into his apartment where she thinks she's getting a proposal. Instead, she meets her late husband, Michael Cordero, Jr. Yes, the very same Michael who died in the middle of taking an exam in season three, after surviving being shot on his wedding night. And, before naysayers can call telenovela foul, Rafael confirms that he is really Michael. He explains that Rose, aka Sin Rostro, orchestrated Michael's "death" by giving him tetrodotoxin, which slowed his heart rate. She had her personal EMT drivers take him away from the testing site and went on to blackmail the morgue pathologist to sign his death certificate (apparently they have a gambling problem).

Unfortunately, Michael Also Has Amnesia

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Of course, with every bit of good news comes some bad. Rafael reveals that though a DNA test proves Michael is the real Michael, Rose also reveals the former cop has amnesia. How does one give another person amnesia, you may ask? "Electroshock therapy, focusing on the hippocampus and temporal lobe until it worked." Rose also gives Michael his new name: Jason, after Jason Bourne, of course. Michael Jason explains that Rose left him in a field in Montana four years ago, telling him that he should start over because he was "in a whole lot of trouble."

Jason says that he didn't try to find out who he was because he didn't know if he was a good guy or bad guy, and an overwhelmed Jane tells him that he was a "really" good guy. Jane and Rafael explain to her family that Michael is alive and they react accordingly, which means a lot of gasping and fainting.

Jane Ramos Didn't Shoot to Kill

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While Jane and Rafael deal with their new discovery, we learn exactly who Petra and JR encounter when the latter rushes to protect the former after she gets word from Petra's ex-assistant, Krishna, that someone is coming after the blonde. Surprisingly, the two realize it is Miloš Dvoracek, Petra's ex-husband from Olomouc, Czech Republic. JR's shot hits him in the arm, and he explains that he was just trying to "get [Petra] in jail since you get me in jail." He tells his ex-wife that he didn't intend to kill her, just scare her, or shoot off a leg (so charming).

When Petra moves to call the police on him, Miloš taunts her with the news that he owns 2/3 of the Marbella Hotel, having conned Louisa out of her shares by pretending to be a ferret charity. He offers his shares to Petra in exchange for his freedom, which she visibly considers before JR snaps her out of it. But when the two turn their attention back to Miloš, he's already gone.

Eventually, Miloš shows up at Petra's suite at the hotel and tries to convince her to take his shares of the Marbella in exchange for helping him. She refuses and gets him sent back to jail but still doesn't manage to win JR back. Even when Petra confesses that she loves her, JR simply replies that she knows and leaves.

Jane and Jason Try to Jog His Memory

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Jason gets the all-clear from the doctor, who explains that the brain is too tricky to predict if/when his memory will return. In order to help jog his memory, he recommends that someone take Jason around to see familiar faces and places. As Michael's mother no longer lives in his childhood home, it's falls on Jane to take over. She brings him to her family's home to re-introduce him to her parents and Alba. Jason reveals that nothing looks familiar, not even his best friend Rogelio de la Vega (which is the real tragedy here).

Everything about Jason is completely different from Michael — he claims not to be a big talker, he isn't a cat person and comes with a behemoth of a dog named Bo, he doesn't like Cubanas, and he's from Montana! A man can really change over four years with no memory of his former life!

As Jane tries to help Jason regain his memory by taking him to the significant places in their relationship (like the Ferris wheel and the Marbella), the two can't seem to help but rub each other the wrong way. Jane's memories of her romance with Michael don't move Jason as much as they move viewers (seriously, they were kind of the best), and he admits that he would rather just be sent pictures and videos than have her guide him. The endearingly rapid-fire flow of Jane's speech seems to overwhelm him.

Jane acquiesces to his request, but the minute she attempts to gather the material for him, her grief overpowers her. She confesses to Xiomara and Alba that she feels like she's "been erased" and doesn't know what to do. Her feelings over the situation confuse her — a mere two days ago she was planning on getting engaged to Rafael and now her late husband is back in her life. Jane admits that she doesn't even know whether or not she's technically still married to Michael. Xiomara and Alba reassure her that there's no guidebook to dealing with something like this and that she's going to be OK.

Jason interrupts the family to apologize to his estranged wife, conceding that he's been difficult with Jane. He attributes his attitude to struggling with the fact that he expected his memory to come back to him quickly, acknowledging that Jane has simply been helping and doesn't deserve his ire. He announces that if Jane wants him to, he will return to Montana without his memory, since he knows he's "blowing up her life" with his return. Cut to Xiomara getting Rafael to confess that he's genuinely scared of losing Jane, and comforting him as he breaks down in tears.

Jane Decides to Move in With Rafael

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While working on her book, Jane comes to the realization that even though she still wants to help Jason, she also wants to go forward with her plans of moving in with Rafael. She turns up at Rafael's new job where she tells him as much in front of all his coworkers (giving them very juicy gossip for the water cooler). When they get some privacy, she maintains her love for him, thanking him for his selflessness over the past four years since Michael "died," and telling him that she wants to move in with him now, not when things get settled down. Obviously relieved, Rafael says that they're going to get through this. The narrator forbiddingly notes it's the story they're telling themselves, but stories "don't always go the way we hoped."

Jason returns to Jane's house, where she settles down beside him to help sift through the photos and videos she collected for him. (Apparently people in Montana don't use computers enough for him to know what a USB or space bar is). The two laugh over a video of Michael and Jane at home folding laundry, and for a second it feels like the old Jane and Michael. Even the narrator says so!

Louisa Vows to Help Rafael Find Out Why Rose Took Michael

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As the episode draws to a close, Rafael receives a phone call from his sister Louisa. She tells him that she has decided to help him find out what Rose is up to and why she kidnapped Michael. Rafael responds that she doesn't have to do that, knowing that Louisa is still deeply affected by her ex-lover, but Louisa explains that his not asking for her help is exactly why she wants to help. Which, of course, means that we next see Rose speaking to a group of seven people, thanking them for accepting the "assignment." Though she doesn't divulge what exactly that is, she tells them that it's time to get to work, which means Jane and company are definitely about to be in some serious trouble.