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The Most Realistic Shows About High School

8 Shows That Aren't Completely Out of Touch With High-School Life Today

The Most Realistic Shows About High School

There's something relatable AF about high school TV shows that keeps us coming back for more, no matter how old we get. But sadly, many of our favorite shows are totally out of touch with reality. When teenage characters are played by 30-year-old actors with zero acne and unrealistic vocabularies, we're forced to question whether these screenwriters have actually stepped foot on a high-school campus before. Although we all love to marvel at outrageous dramas like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, they don't remind us much of the cliques, procrastination, and cafeteria food that we had to suffer through.

If you are looking to truly transport back in time, we've compiled a list of hormone-drenched shows that are near-biographic representations of our high-school lives. Grab your old marching band uniform and some movie popcorn and get ready for hours and hours of teenage angst!

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