The "Ms. Marvel" End-Credits Scene Features a Major MCU Cameo

The sixth and final episode of "Ms. Marvel" was released on Disney+ on July 13, and the end-credits scene involved a major MCU cameo with some huge implications for the "Captain Marvel" sequel, "The Marvels." Let's break down just what the ending of "Ms. Marvel" means for the future of the MCU.

During the short scene, Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) rests on her bed in her brand-new suit, presumably after a long day of superhero-ing. Her mom (Zenobia Shroff) is heard off screen urging her to finish her science homework. But before she can even crack open her textbook, her bangle lights up mysteriously. Viewers will remember, of course, that the bangle first unlocked Kamala's powers. Her great-grandmother Aisha (Mehwish Hayat) and her fellow Clandestines found the bracelet in a mysterious cave, adorning a severed arm that appeared to be blue (we'll get back to that!).

Kamala stands up, and the bangle kicks into action, suddenly zapping her away. In her place is Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers (Brie Larson). For a moment, Carol stares at her gloves, which seem to be glowing the same way Kamala's were. Carol is shocked to be in Kamala's bedroom and to see so many photos and drawings of herself on the wall. "Oh, no, no, no," she says before taking off, where she will presumably run into Kamala's entire family downstairs. Then, a title card informs viewers that Ms. Marvel will return in "The Marvels," and the show ends.

MCU fans already knew Kamala would be appearing in "The Marvels," but now we know how Kamala and Carol end up crossing paths. It seems there was a connection between the bangle and Carol — and we do have some insight into what exactly that connection could be.

For "Ms. Marvel," the creators of the series changed Kamala's powers from the comics to make them more cosmic. Executive producer Sana Amanat spoke to POPSUGAR in June about why they decided to switch things up. "We wanted to make sure that her powers reflected what was happening in the MCU in sort of this next chapter and really, more importantly, linking it to her cultural heritage," she said. So the MCU's Kamala's powers were always meant to be tied to Carol's.

As for that blue arm with the bangle: In the MCU, the only blue beings viewers have met (so far) are the Kree, a race of aliens. Carol's powers come from two sources: exposure to the Tesseract and a blood transfusion with a Kree warrior. It's possible Kamala's bangle is actually a Kree artifact, and that's why there was a connection between the two in the end-credits scene.

Still, we're left with a lot of questions about Kamala's powers. For most of the series, Kamala believed her powers came from the fact that her great-grandmother was a Clandestine from another realm, sometimes called a djinn. But in the final episode, Bruno (Matt Lintz) reveals that Kamala actually has a mutation in her genes that made her abilities appear, while no one else in her family has any. Any comics fan knows well that mutating genes always lead back to the X-Men. But, in the comics, Kamala is actually an Inhuman, a human whose genes have been edited with Kree DNA. Marvel even had a short-lived "Inhumans" TV show, but it seems like the MCU Kamala isn't an Inhuman. What exactly she is, then, fans will have to wait to find out.

So we're left with more questions than answers. In "The Marvels," we'll find out where Kamala went when she switched places with Carol. The movie will also feature Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau, who got her own powers in "WandaVision." It's unclear if Monica's powers will also end up tying into Kamala's and Carol's.