If You Secretly Hope Nancy Ends Up With Steve on Stranger Things, Read This

Sexual tension-fueled spoilers for Stranger Things season two below!

The second season of Stranger Things has divided fans of the Netflix hit into two camps: #TeamJusticeForMews and #TeamJusticeForBob. OK, OK, not really. Since we're all #TeamJusticeForMewsANDBob, the true line in the sand separates those in favor of Nancy's new romance with Jonathan and the people who wish she'd never broken up with Steve.

There are plenty of reasons to love both guys for the bat-wielding heroine — Jonathan can keep up with her intellectually, and Steve has that hair — as well as some signs that maybe Nancy should just cool it with both of them at the moment (lord knows she's got enough going on). So, what does actress Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy, think about the love triangle?

"I don't know if she completely understands what she's doing, you know?" she recently divulged to Entertainment Weekly. "Emotions aren't always very logical, and I think sometimes, Nancy is kind of a logical person and so emotions are a little harder to decipher for her. I think she does care about Steve, and they do care about each other . . . but after what happened in season one, I think they needed some time to be apart at least."


Since Nancy's high-strung BFF Barb is brutally dragged into the Upside Down and murdered in Steve's pool while Nancy is busy losing her virginity to him upstairs in the first season, it's unsurprising that Nancy blames herself for what happened. That blame also ends up being placed on Steve, and the once-happy couple spend much of season two dealing with their shared trauma before Nancy calls it quits. Not to mention, Jonathan was already waiting in the wings for his unrequited crush.

"They were growing in different ways," Dyer further explained of Nancy and Steve. "What happened with Jonathan, that had been building, and she had a connection with him that needed to be . . . [laughs] explored."

You can say that again. While season two ends with Nancy and Jonathan holding hands at Barb's funeral and looking very much like a couple following their joint effort to take down the shadowy Hawkins Lab, anyone holding out for a reconciliation with Steve — who gets a pretty sweet redemption arc of his own in season two — need not abandon all hope. "I think the ending is left open-ended. They're kind of in an ambiguous place," Dyer said. "Are they dating? Are they not dating? Is she totally over [Steve]? I would say that there's a lot to explore there, I don't think it's neatly tied up."