You'll Miss The Office More Than Ever After Reliving These Hilarious Moments

I'm just gonna come right out and say it: The Office is the greatest TV series on the planet, and I'm willing to argue with anyone who thinks otherwise. On paper, the NBC series may sound boring to those who haven't watched it before. I mean, it follows a group of people in Scranton, PA, who spend most of their time in a dull office selling paper, of all things, but the characters bring it to life, drawing you in with their one-of-a-kind personalities, hysterical one-liners, and relatable quirks.

The workplace sitcom may have stopped airing back in 2013, but I still find myself quoting it constantly and rewatching old episodes over and over again, laughing just as much as I did the first time. To help other passionate fans of The Office relive the show's glory, I've compiled some of the best GIFs of Scranton's Dunder Mifflin crew doing what they do best: being the most dysfunctional yet lovable squad of all. These moments will definitely have you praying that those rumors of a potential revival come true.

Let's Kick Things Off With the Undeniable Star of the Show, Shall We?

Much Like Us, Michael Scott Draws Inspiration From Queen Bey

He Always Makes the Funniest Faces

And Truly Has a Way With Words

His "That's What She Said" Obsession Is Unstoppable

You Can Always Count on Him to Be the Most Dramatic Person in a Room

There Is Rarely an Episode That Doesn't Put His Immature Antics on Display

His Meltdowns Are Frequent

We'll Never Forget This Unexpected Facial Hair Situation

And Then There Is Jim Halpert

He Has a Hilarious Habit of Looking Directly at the Cameras

Seriously, He Does It Almost Every Episode

Anyone Else Remember That Time He Pretends to Be Dwight?

We Still Can't Help but Swoon Over Jim and Pam

They Start Off as Strong Office Pals . . .

. . . but Over Time, It Turns Into Something More

Watching Their Romance Bloom During the Series Is Beyond Adorable

Eeeek! We're Still Not Over This Moment

And Who Can Forget Pam's Drunk Dundies Speech?

Or the Dundies When Phyllis's Trophy Has an Awkward Typo?

Stanley Hudson Has the Most EPIC Eye Rolls

He Is Nothing If Not Painfully Blunt

But He Also Enjoys a Good Laugh From Time to Time

It Is Seriously Contagious

The Beet-Obsessed Farmer Is Such a Lovable Oddball

He Goes to Great Lengths to Protect Himself and His Coworkers

I'll Just Leave This One Right Here

Remember That Time He Perfectly Encapsulates Your "First Day of Fall" Mood?

Oh, and He's Got a Whole Stash of Wigs, For Whatever Reason

Oh, and He's Got a Whole Stash of Wigs, For Whatever Reason

What a Legend

Oh Kevin Malone, How I Love Thee

His Hatred of Vegetables Is Oh So Relatable

The Same Goes For His Aspirations in Life

Summer Vibes, Am I Right?

Any Time I Need a Pick-Me-Up, I Rewatch His Chili-Pot-Dropping Fail

It Seriously Never Gets Old

Who Can Possibly Forget Michael's Random Yet Passionate Hatred For Toby?

Michael Isn't Afraid to Speak His Mind About the Topic

Speaking of Toby, He Deals With Some Pretty Odd Questions From Dwight

Andy Bernard Is the Ultimate Try-Hard

The Cornell Grad Tries His Darnedest to Befriend His Coworkers

He Says the Most Spot-On Quote of the Entire Series

He Says the Most Spot-On Quote of the Entire Series

Kelly Kapoor Is Definitely the Most Talkative Person in the Dunder Mifflin Office

Angela Always Finds Something to Be Pissed About

Even Jazz Makes Her Upset!

LOL, She Also Refuses Andy's Rose When He Is Desperately Trying to Woo Her

Creed Is an Interesting Addition to the Crew, to Say the Least

His Out-of-Left-Field Statements Always Catch Me Off Guard

Oscar's Interactions With Angela Are Always Hysterical

Oscar's Interactions With Angela Are Always Hysterical

Meanwhile, Meredith Is Always Making Her Coworkers Feel Uncomfortable

She Often Finds an Excuse to Take Off an Article of Clothing

She Often Finds an Excuse to Take Off an Article of Clothing

And She Is Always Down to Party

And She Is Always Down to Party

Phyllis Is Such a Sweet, Innocent Angel . . .

. . . but She Has a Sassy Side, Too

She Always Loves Showing Off Her Man, Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration

From Makeshift Dance Parties . . .

. . . to In-Office Rodeos . . .

. . . to Nonstop Birthday Parties . . .

. . . and Christmas Parties, Too

. . . and Christmas Parties, Too

They Always Find Something to Celebrate Together

Raise the Roof If You Want a Reboot ASAP!