People Are Using Their Pets to Honor the Baddest, Most Iconic B*tch on Game of Thrones

"Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me." Name a more iconic line . . . we'll wait. But as Game of Thrones fans know, a better one simply doesn't exist, because the mic-drop one-liner from Lady Olenna "Queen of Thorns" Tyrell is the most badass moment to come out of GOT's seventh season. It's no surprise that cosplayers are already honoring the character's shining moment through their convention getups, but one unexpected form of tribute that's emerged since the finale reigns supreme: the Meow-lenna Tyrell meme.

Somehow, it makes sense that the species of animal most suited to Olenna's snarky, no-f*cks-given approach to life is the cat. But what we were totally unprepared for is how hilarious the memes of cats (and a few other pets) as Olenna Tyrell have become!

We've collected a few of the best pet tributes to the ultimate "bad b*tch" of Westeros, and trust us: they'll have you giggling more than Olenna's savage clapbacks.