The Walking Dead: These Heartbreaking New Photos Have Us Already Grieving Rick Grimes

The closer and closer we get to Rick Grimes's final episode on The Walking Dead, the more it seems like we won't be getting a happy ending for the apocalyptic sheriff.

After episode four set Rick's death in motion by having his horse spook and rear up, dropping him into a pile of rubble and leaving Rick with his stomach impaled by steel rebar as walkers close in around him, it seems pretty obvious that he's looking at a rough ending. Even if Rick does manage to get away from the walkers, he's still bleeding out a long way away from any community, and everyone is too preoccupied with other matters to even think of searching for him anytime soon. So, it looks like Rick has just about run out of luck at this point.

For those who are still hopeful, there are a lot of ways this could play out where Rick doesn't have to die. He could be randomly found while still attempting to herd the walker hordes away from the bridge. Or Jadis could grab him to join her on that copter and fly him somewhere safe. Or maybe he'll wake up and all of this has just been of dream! (JK, that would never fly.) However this particular cookie crumbles, it's still going to be Rick Grimes's last episode. AMC was gracious enough to share these first-look photos, so we've rounded them up for you to scour for clues. Check them out ahead, and get ready for the end of an era on Sunday, Nov. 4.