23 People Who Lost Their Sh*t While Watching the Heartbreaking Bachelor Finale Breakup

Y'all, Chris Harrison really wasn't lying when he said, as he does year after year, that the season finale of The Bachelor would be "the most dramatic finale ever." Though the first two hours were a total snoozefest, the real drama came when Arie Luyendyk Jr. threw an unexpected curveball that left fans with their jaws on the floor: he proposed to Becca Kufrin after sending Lauren Burnham home, only to change his mind and break off his engagement. The worst part? ABC went so far as to televise Arie breaking up with Becca — a raw, unedited version, at that.

In short, it was an utterly gut-wrenching train wreck to witness, and the internet seems to agree. Ahead is just a small portion of Twitter reactions that prove just how enraged, shattered, and shocked fans really are. Reading through them just might inspire you to send Arie your medical bills so he can pay for your broken heart.