Miley Cyrus Is on a Roll, and These Tweets Praising Her Black Mirror Debut Prove It

Miley Cyrus is receiving praise from both fans and critics alike for her Black Mirror debut. In the episode titled "Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too," the 26-year-old takes center stage as a successful pop singer named Ashley O. who is living a double life. Not only does the episode feature her incredible singing voice, but it's also reminding everyone just how great of an actress she is.

During an appearance on Howard Stern's radio show in December 2018, Cyrus gushed about how she was especially excited for fans to see this project. "I'm really actually excited for everyone to watch the 'head shaking project' we said yes to [before]," she said about doing the Netflix series. "The minute I say I never want to do something again, all of a sudden, there I am." She went on to add how this is one of the first acting projects she's been proud of in quite some time. "I hate everything, but it was the first time I've left somewhere feeling really proud of my work," she said. "But you know if I like it that might mean it's horrible."

Of course, the episode has also inspired some hilarious tweets as people compare the episode to Cyrus's Hannah Montana days. Even Cyrus got in on the fun as she changed her Twitter name to Ashley O. and posted memes about the episode. From her Black Mirror debut to the release of her recent EP, Cyrus really is "on a roll" lately — and these tweets prove it.