Excuse Us While We WEEP Over Sarah Drew's "Goodbye Grey's Anatomy" Posts

Well, Grey's Anatomy friends, the moment has finally come and gone. Despite the fact that April will appear in the season 14 finale, a bulk of the legwork for wrapping up her story comes in the penultimate episode. For weeks, we were wringing our hands worried that April might die, whether through some kind of twisted accident or by taking her own life. April's death seemed almost like an inevitability, and the preview for this week's episode didn't really help. Luckily, April makes it out of everything in one piece, but we're afraid we can't say the same for our fragile emotions.

If you think the episode itself was enough to shatter your feelings into a million tiny pieces, wait until you see all the devastating goodbye posts Sarah Drew shared on her Instagram. The snaps include sweet behind-the-scenes smiles, emotional hugs goodbye, and beautifully written tributes to Chandra Wilson (aka Miranda Bailey), Jesse Williams (aka Jackson Avery), and even the episode's writer Bill Harper. It may be a punch to the gut, but it's so good to see the love, admiration, and respect that clearly exists when the cameras are turned off.