Selena Gomez Sings About Growing Up, Wanting a Man, and (Possibly) a Famous Ex in 3 New Songs

Selena Gomez is keeping her fans well fed this year, dropping hit after hit and topping it all by releasing a deluxe edition of her album Rare. Not only does the deluxe edition feature the hits we've been enjoying since she dropped "Lose You to Love Me" in October 2019, but Gomez included three new songs that are sure to be on repeat. Check out "Boyfriend," "Souvenir," and "She" ahead!

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Who Is Selena Gomez's Song "Souvenir" About?

"Souvenir" is about the thrill of an affair, which seems to reference a line from a song of Gomez's other famous ex, The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye). Gomez sings, "You're giving me chills at a hundred degrees / it's better than pills how you put me to sleep / calling your name, the only language I can speak," which could be seen as a direct callback to The Weeknd's song "Call Out My Name." The song was featured on his infamous breakup EP My Dear Melancholy dropped in March 2018, after his breakup with Gomez in October 2017. It's been long assumed that the song (among others) was about Gomez, so it's only fair that she repay the favor, right?

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Who Is Selena Gomez's Song "Boyfriend" About?

Fans will recognize "Boyfriend" as the song Gomez teased during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which was initially thought to be about her ex Justin Bieber (though there are plenty of other references in her music inspired by their tumultuous relationship). The song is actually more of a relatable take on the frustrations that come with dating. Gomez explained that the jam is "a lighthearted song about falling down and getting back up time and time again in love, but also knowing that you don't need anyone other than yourself to be happy." Definitely a vibe we can all associate with!

Watch Selena Gomez's lyric video for "Boyfriend" above!

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What Is Selena Gomez's Song "She" About?

"She" is more of a heartfelt song in which Gomez sings about her journey in coming to terms with the bad decisions she made and the way she feels she was taken advantage of as a child star. "Wish I could tell her / she was a girl with good intentions / didn't need the second-guessing / didn't need to ever question / wish I could tell her," she sings. Though Gomez isn't that naive girl anymore, she's still as big-hearted as ever. Her announcement of the album came with the news that she would be personally donating to the Plus1 COVID-19 Relief Fund, as well as donating $1 off every album order to the fund. "Just like the rest of the world, I'm praying for safety, unity, and recovery during this pandemic," she wrote.

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