Sex Education's Aimee and Adam Are Dating in Real Life, and They're Absolutely Adorable

If you haven't watched Sex Education on Netflix, please do us all a favor and treat yourself to a delightful binge-watch. Not only has the Netflix series given us some of the best performances on TV, but it's also sparked a real-life romance between two costars. If there's anything TV viewers love more than complex characters and fleshed-out storylines, it's an on-set romance.

While the onscreen relationship between Sex Education's Aimee Gibbs and Adam Groff hits a brick wall in the first season, actors Aimee Lou Wood and Connor Swindells seem to be making it work just fine off screen. Neither one has really spoken about their relationship to the public, but they regularly show one another affection on their Instagram pages. Wood often shares sweet snapshots of the duo hitting the red carpet together, including their joint appearances at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards and the Brit Awards. Check out their adorable photos ahead while we comb the internet for our "WoodElls" merch.