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Star Wars: What Do the Lightsaber Colors Mean?

The Star Wars Lightsaber Colors, Explained

Star Wars: What Do the Lightsaber Colors Mean?
Image Source: Everett Collection

Lightsabers come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes, but at the center of each one is a kyber crystal, which is what powers lightsabers and gives each one its unique glow. Kyber crystals are scattered around the galaxy, so Jedi younglings must find one as part of their training in order to start the process of constructing their own lightsaber (and becoming a full-fledged Jedi).

As we saw in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," the crystals are colorless until they're in the hands of a young Jedi, and once found, the younglings must put together their lightsabers all on their own. The cool thing is they can also choose what material they want for their lightsaber hilt (handgrip), making each weapon entirely unique.

Now that you know a little bit of Star Wars history, you may be wondering, what does each lightsaber color mean? Scroll through the slideshow to find out.

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