4 Theories About Who Taissa Farmiga Is Playing on American Horror Story: Roanoke

With only two episodes left in the sixth season of American Horror Story, we're shocked that we still haven't met several of the season's major players. At this point, three reportedly confirmed stars are still missing: Matt Bomer, Taissa Farmiga, and Jacob Artist. Seeing as Farmiga was a part of the original season one cast (and had a pretty great role on Coven), her return has perhaps been one of the most anticipated of the season. And yet, we can't seem to track her down! In the ensuing frenzy, viewers have been seeing her in all kinds of places. And the thing is, we can't currently give a definitive answer as to whether they are or aren't her. Let's review.

1. She's the Real-Life Version of Scáthach

Back before the big plot twist in "Chapter 6," many fans were speculating that Farmiga could come into the picture as the real-life Celtic witch who dwells on the Roanoke lands. I mean, technically, she still could be playing this character. We've only seen one glimpse of the real Scáthach, and we haven't gotten a good look at her face.

2. She's an Undead Member of the Lost Colony


The above GIF comes from "Chapter 7," and it's the scene where all the actual undead spirits are marching toward the house to shed blood. You might remember that Kathy Bates's character, Agnes, has gone insane and is yelling at the front of the house. Hidden among all of the real Butcher's followers is one young woman who definitely has the same shape and look as Farmiga. Could it be her? The one issue would be, why would she come back just to be an extra? It wouldn't make sense, unless we're getting her full story later on.

3. She's Secretly the Real-Life Shelby Miller

This crazy theory banks on another theory: that Return to Roanoke is another illusion, and we're still not existing in the ground-level "reality" of the season. More succinctly, this is another show within a show. Using that theory, there could be a "real" Shelby and Matt Miller that we haven't even met yet, and a deeper theory posits that Farmiga could be the actual Shelby, and Jacob Artist (who also has yet to appear) could be the actual Matt. Ryan Murphy did say the season is "a hat on a hat on a hat on a hat that we've had to protect," so another twist is not out of the question.

4. She's a Ghost Hunter or Amateur Documentarian


The preview for "Chapter 9" exposes a major detail about the penultimate episode of the season: there's going to be some sort of Blair Witch Project spin. Here's what we can gather from this brief shot: three young individuals enter the show with GoPro cameras and plain clothes. It's not clear if they're part of Sidney's elaborate Return to Roanoke production or if they're trying to make their own film about Roanoke and the Blood Moon. All we know is that girl in the top right corner looks a lot like Farmiga.