Kate's Crushing Episode of This Is Us Just Proved the Show Should Be Sponsored by Kleenex

Warning: spoilers for This Is Us ahead.

By now we all know that any and every episode of This Is Us will bring the tears — so much so that even the damn #ThisIsUs hashtag on Twitter autoposts with a tissue box emoji at the end of it — but during season two's ninth episode, "Number Two," I sobbed so hard that I'm pretty sure my entire upper body is going to ache tomorrow. After Randall shared with Kevin at the end of the previous episode, "Number One," that Kate had lost her baby, we knew we were going to be in for an emotional roller coaster, but as it turns out, to say that is a serious understatement.

This week, the cast of This Is Us brought us to our knees once more as they chipped away at the stigma surrounding miscarriage after Kate suffers the loss of hers and Toby's baby and showcased the complexity of a mother-daughter relationship between Kate and Rebecca through the years. And the people of Twitter — as they can always be counted on to do — shared their real-time feelings about the episode as it played out. So as we wait patiently for next week's "Number Three" episode, all about Randall, read some of the reactions people had to Kate's tearjerker of an episode.