Ricky Gervais Skewered Hollywood in His Golden Globes Monologue — Watch It Now

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Ricky Gervais returned to host the 2020 Golden Globes for the fifth time Sunday night, and this time around, he definitely didn't hold back. In his hilarious monologue, the British comedian joked about his disinterest in hosting, and warned everyone they were in for some serious skewering. "You'll be pleased to know, this is the last time I'm hosting these awards, so I don't care anymore," he started his monologue. "I'm joking, I never did."

Gervais then joked about how despite his edgy humor, NBC and the Hollywood Foreign Press continue to ask him to host the show. "I mean, Kevin Hart was fired from the Oscars for some offensive tweets," he said. "Lucky for me, the Hollywood Foreign Press can barely speak English and they've no idea what Twitter is, so I got offered this gig by fax."

After poking fun at the show itself, Gervais took aim at the celebrities in the room. "Let's have a laugh at your expense," he said with a straight face. "Remember, they're just jokes. We're all gonna die soon. There's no sequel." He then mentioned actress Felicity Huffman (who served jail time for a college admissions scandal), joking that she made the license plate for the limo he rode in on.

From there, the comedian joked that journalist Ronan Farrow (who uncovered allegations of sexual abuse against Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein) would be coming for more celebrities. He also pointed out the lack of people of color that were nominated. "Many talented people of color were snubbed in major categories," Gervais said. "Unfortunately, there's nothing we could do about that. The Hollywood Foreign Press are all very, very racist."

While talking about how long some recent movies have been, the host took lighthearted shots at Leonardo DiCaprio and his taste for younger women. "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, nearly three hours long," Gervais joked. "Leonardo DiCaprio attended the premiere, and by the end, his date was too old for him. Even Prince Andrew was like, 'Come on Leo, mate, you're nearly 50-something.'"

But the most jaw-dropping moments of Gervais's monologue were when he criticized companies like Apple, Disney, and Amazon, and roasted celebrities for working with the streamers. "Apple roared into the TV game with Morning Show, a superb drama about the importance of dignity and doing the right thing, made by a company that runs sweatshops in China," he said. "Well, you say you're woke, but the companies you work for — Apple, Amazon, Disney. If ISIS started a streaming service, you'd call your agent."

He went on to suggest that when the celebrities working with these companies do win an award, they shouldn't use it to make a political statement or "lecture the public" about anything. "If you do win an award, thank your agent and your god and f*ck off."

It isn't clear if this is really Gervais's last time hosting the Golden Globes, but if it is, he's definitely going out with more than just a bang.