The It Sequel Officially Has a Release Date

We've already known a for quite a while that an It sequel was imminent. After all, director Andy Muschietti only told half of the story when it comes to his take on the novel. The real question was how long would we have to wait to see it? Back in September, Warner Bros. announced an official release date for the film: Sept. 6, 2019! Almost exactly two years out from the release of the first film.

The follow-up film will depict a final face-off with Pennywise. In the novel, the Losers Club reunites 27 years after their initial victory to put an end to the demonic entity for good. Muschietti has also said we haven't seen the last of our gang's kid versions and that we'll see the the origin of Pennywise. Don't worry, we've already done some dream casting for each adult. In just the past few weeks alone, It has quickly become a cultural phenomenon. It's the highest grossing horror film ever, the best September opening weekend ever, and so much more.

To celebrate Halloween this year, Warner Bros. also decided to drop an ominous poster via Instagram, which highlighted the released date once more. Suffice it to say, we can't wait until part two.