One of the Major Filming Locations of Netflix's You Is a Subway Ride Away For New Yorkers

If you haven't watched You on Netflix yet, you're simultaneously saving yourself the trouble of feeling paranoid about stalkers and missing out on a solid binge session. The show — based on Caroline Kepnes's bestselling (and creepy) novel — centers around a guy named Joe Goldberg, played by Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley, who develops an obsessive attraction to a woman named Beck (Elizabeth Lail). Joe works at a bookstore and falls for Beck after she comes into the store, looking for a novel. He begins to track every aspect of her life, going through great (and heinous) lengths to make sure no one except him ends up with her.

The show takes place in New York — Yorkville to be exact — which is pretty clear from all the scenes with taxis and sky-high buildings, quips about the big city life, and, you know, subways that almost kill drunk girls. And because it's hard to replicate the authenticity of life in New York anywhere else, the series was indeed filmed in the Big Apple. The bookstore Joe works at, Mooney's, is actually a real bookshop called Logos Bookstore. Thankfully, the real store doesn't have a secret cage in the basement. Those creepy scenes were filmed on a different set in the Bronx.

However, there will be a change of scenery in the second season of You, which was picked up by Netflix. (If you don't want a mild spoiler, then I suggest you stop reading. Seriously, stop. Still here? OK, well, I warned you.) After Joe commits the season's last act of murder during the finale, he's stunned by the return of a certain character. Although we're left on this cliffhanger, we know that season two will be similar to Kepnes's book sequel, Hidden Bodies, when Joe attempts to start a new life on the West Coast.

Yep, Joe's psychotic self is heading to Los Angeles so that he can be crazy in the sunshine! The follow-up season will be also be filmed in LA. Huh, ironic that a murderous sociopath tries to escape his dark past by moving to the City of Angels. Good luck with that, Joe.