14 Shows Cancer Signs Should Already Be Watching on Netflix

Jul 9 2020 - 11:10am

Cancers tend to be very emotional people [1], whether it's crying over something that makes them truly feel all the feels or getting ragey at some well-timed drama. They are naturally caring people [2], and they value comfort and security. However, Cancers enjoy some drama because they tend to be moody (all those emotions!), which is why we've chosen some drama-filled (and some very emotional) Netflix shows for Cancers to binge. Each selection plays to one of your attributes, whether it's a show with strong bonds, one with so much drama, or one with some competition that you'll get sucked into. Check out 14 selections in the gallery ahead.


As a Cancer, we know you love some drama and suspense. With Elite, you'll get both when the new kids in school clash with the wealthy kids in this Spanish teen drama.

Watch Elite on Netflix [4].


Gentefied will tug at your heartstrings, Cancers. When you feel that urge to watch a show that will put you in your feelings — which is probably pretty often — try this show about a family who value each other above all else.

Watch Gentefied on Netflix [5].

Gossip Girl

For the ultimate dose of drama, you have to watch Gossip Girl [6] if you haven't already. It's much like Elite and will satiate your love for cat fights and pettiness.

Watch Gossip Girl on Netflix [7].

The Great British Baking Show

There are a few versions and collections of The Great British Baking Show [8] to choose from on Netflix, and we recommend them all. The combination of competition and heartfelt contestants will be the perfect easy watching for you.

Watch The Great British Baking Show on Netflix [9].

Never Have I Ever

This one will hit you in your feels. You'll enjoy the humor, no doubt, but what will really make this a show you enjoy are the familial bond and how much Devi misses her dad.

Watch Never Have I Ever on Netflix [10].

The Office

Sure, The Office is a comedy at its core, but there's no way you won't grow attached to these characters and relationships over its nine seasons. Guaranteed you'll cry by the end.

Watch The Office on Netflix [11].


You will have you on the edge of your seat for pretty much all of its two seasons. Though as a Cancer, you usually want to sit back, the suspense in this one will hook you thanks to the craziness that you just can't resist.

Watch You on Netflix [12].


There may not be another show on Netflix with quite so many WTF moments and drama. The show about an Atlanta family has a little bit of all the things you like: pettiness, drama, competitiveness, recasting characters for whatever reason. Buckle up.

Watch Dynasty on Netflix [13].


Cheer is a double whammy. It's a high level of competition, but it's so heartfelt that every single episode about the Navarro cheerleaders from Texas will absolutely make you cry.

Watch Cheer on Netflix [14].

Instant Hotel

Let out your competitive side for Instant Hotel. When these property owners get to rate each other's spaces, you're going to love shouting your own opinions at the screen, too.

Watch Instant Hotel on Netflix [15].

Degrassi: Next Class

No list of heartfelt yet dramatic shows for Cancers is complete without Degrassi. If you're out of high school, Degrassi: Next Class will make you nostalgic for the simpler dramas of being a teen.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class on Netflix [16].

On My Block

Your friends are everything to you, so you'll love this LA friend group in On My Block. Their strong bond will make you want to text your bestie to come watch with you.

Watch On My Block on Netflix [17].

Kim's Convenience

We know that sometimes you want to indulge in a heartfelt family show, and Kim's Convenience is that. The Kim family's bond is so pure, but this Korean-Canadian family breaks up the feels with a few laughs.

Watch Kim's Convenience on Netflix [18].

Selling Sunset

This is that show you need for all your intense drama. If you want a reality show with cattiness, well, there are a lot, but this one also mixes the cattiness with superficial friendships and a lot of really expensive Hollywood real estate. You'll love it.

Watch Selling Sunset on Netflix [19].

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