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Lazy Summer Dinners For Families

16 Lazy Summer Dinners For Parents Who Don't Have the Energy or the Freaking Time

Chicken With White Beans and Veggies
Image Source: Cooking For Keeps

Is it just me, or are Summer days just longer when you're a parent, tasked with entertaining, feeding, and, sometimes, simply tolerating children? The idea of cranking up the oven and creating a gourmet meal at the end of a day spent carpooling to camp, chasing toddlers around a pool, and slathering on sunscreen, is just plain overwhelming . . . and overwhelmingly hot. Instead, whip up one of the following 28 easy-to-make — and, in many cases, easy to clean up — meals that will please the whole family and help you keep your Summer sanity.

From foil-pack dinners that eliminate pots and pans to slow cooker wonders that mean dinner's ready when you finally drag your kids away from the beach, these meals are Summer friendly and all busy mom approved.

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