7 Times Amy Schumer's Brutally Honest Pregnancy Instagrams Had Us Saying, "Same!"

Celebrity pregnancies can sometimes seem so easy, perfect, and glamorous, which leaves those of us who spent 90 percent of our nine months looking for a place to either throw up or lie down (or both) saying, "Wait! Why? HOW?" But thankfully, we have Amy Schumer, who has never been afraid to be unfiltered and honest about every aspect of her life, which now includes the sh*tstorm that is pregnancy.

The comedian has been sharing her incredibly tough first pregnancy with her fans via Instagram, and we can't help but deeply feel for her and say, "Same, girl. Same." Instead of being sick during her first trimester and getting better, she's been suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, which is when you pretty much vomit nonstop. Schumer has felt so ill that she's ended up in the hospital and canceled a few of her stand-up shows.

But her battle with severe morning sickness hasn't dampened her sense of humor. In addition to keeping things very real, she also makes sure to laugh at it all and remind herself how lucky she feels to be a mom-to-be. In one particularly poignant post, Schumer said, "The last few days have been tough. I'm grateful as hell and know it's temporary but tough just the same. Please if you don't mind. Post pics of your kids and tag me #amyschumer My friends sending me pics and vids of their kids is making me feel so much better. Much love 🤮 accepting dog photos too."

Keep reading to see some of Schumer's most relatable pregnancy moments, which are sure to have you laughing, maybe gagging, and most importantly, realizing even movie stars can feel like total sh*t when they're expecting!


When She Wore Realistic Maternity Clothes

During most of my pregnancies, I donned stretchy pants and a sweatshirt (at least when I could get away with it). Who wants to squeeze into skinny jeans with an expandable waist or teeter around on high heels? Thanks, Amy, for keeping it real with your pregnancy style.


When She Had to Cancel a Gig Because She Was Dangerously Dehydrated

When you're puking your guts out, everything else falls way down your priority list, including social engagements and work. For noncelebrities, that means calling your boss and missing a day. For Amy, that means canceling a gig that hundreds of people have tickets to. No matter which way you slice it, you miss work and let people down, and Amy has made it known that she feels terrible for having to reschedule shows.


When She Showed Off Her Belly

We love seeing Schumer chronicle her bump on social media. She deserves to show off that belly given how tough her pregnancy has been. Keep those pics coming!


When She Puked on the Way to Work

We love that we don't see glamorous red carpet photos of Amy breezing through pregnancy on her Instagram. Instead, she's chosen to share moments of when she's so, so sick, even on her way to work. When her head was buried in a cup while vomiting in the car, I couldn't help but nod along thinking back to my own pregnancy. Nausea doesn't care if you're at home in the comfort of your own bathroom or in a meeting with your boss — when you gotta vomit, you gotta vomit. I feel your pain, mama! Stay strong!


And Continued Puking Through Her Second Trimester

One day Schumer can show these puking videos to her baby and be like, "See what I did for you!" Most mamas can relate, because pregnancy ain't easy! And the myth of morning sickness (aka all day sickness) going away after your first trimester? Yeah, not so true for many moms. I wish I'd thought of videotaping the times I had to run to find the closest garbage can so I could get sick without destroying public property. Then I'd totally have proof of my misery to show my kiddos.


When She Joked About Her Baby Weight Gain

"Does this baby make me look fat?" Amy hilariously captioned this photo with her sister, Kim. No, Amy, that baby doesn't make you look fat. But it's tough as sh*t watching your body change, and we love how unfiltered you are about it.


When She Made Fun of Common Pregnancy Stereotypes

"Am I glowing? #hyperemesisgravidarum," Amy wrote alongside this photo of herself hooked up to an IV, proving that many expectant moms don't, in fact, glow. Well, unless you count our sweat from puking and being generally uncomfortable.