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Amy Schumer Talking About Pregnancy on Seth Meyers

Amy Schumer "Threw Up a Bunch" en Route to Seth Meyers and Still Managed to Have Jokes

Amy Schumer has been very vocal and honest about the struggles she's faced throughout her first pregnancy — let's just say, growing a human hasn't been a total walk in the park. The comedian and actress made an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers (her entrance was too good, by the way), and the dad of two was very interested in what's been going on with Amy during this pregnancy — which has clearly "not been easy." And man, the fact that she can joke through what she's been through is a gift to us all.

"It's been pretty tough. I didn't know that pregnancies could be such a bummer."

"It's been pretty tough. I didn't know that pregnancies could be such a bummer," Amy told Seth. "I still have hyperemesis [gravidarum] (HG). I threw up a bunch of times on my way here — worth it, love you guys so much! — but I'm lucky, I have good health care and I can get an IV and survive." She added later, when Seth asked about how she was able to get through writing, performing, producing, and directing her new Netflix comedy special, Growing: "I was pretty terrified — because you have no control over your body — just like, 'Hope I don't throw up all day and have to be in the hospital.' I taped two shows in Chicago, I threw up in-between a lot, but my body kinda held out."

Aside from having a trying pregnancy due to HG, Amy's faced what pretty much every other pregnant woman has in the form of advice from others, both solicited and unsolicited. "I think everyone's really sensitive about giving advice, like they're worried about giving you too much advice . . . actually, your wife, she told me that prenatal yoga really helps with the birth, so I immediately signed up for a C-section," she joked. "I'm not doing that, I hate that."

Seth also wanted to know more about THAT cake her sister-in-law made her (spoiler: it was a vagina cake with a baby doll coming out the top). She said of the cake, jokingly: "It's not encouraging, I didn't feel encouraged. I just want to say, I purposely didn't have a baby shower, it just seems like a nightmare to me. [My sister-in-law] came over at 11 at night with that cake — out of nowhere." She added, after Seth called it a "beautiful cake": "It's gorgeous, and I did eat it! I ate the asshole."

In Amy's special, Growing, the expectant mom mentions that she doesn't know the sex of her child, but to Seth, she confirmed that she and her husband do know. "We [know], but we don't care," she said, adding that she's OK with "however the baby identifies. As long as they don't identify as a DJ, because that's disgusting."

Seth agreed, "No, no parent wants that."

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