16 Animated Musicals For the Whole Family — Including Netflix's Arlo the Alligator Boy!

Arlo the Alligator Boy, released on April 16, is a meaningful, animated Netflix musical perfect for families. Featuring entertaining music, adventures, and a deep message about family and love, it's a movie you don't want to miss. What's even better is it's not the only of its kind out right now; multiple streaming platforms have animated musicals you and your family can enjoy on your next movie night! Most, if not all, of those picks also contain thoughtful messages about family, unity, compassion, and what it means to stick together. Ahead, check out Arlo the Alligator Boy and 16 other animated musicals you can watch!

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Arlo the Alligator Boy

Arlo, a humanoid alligator, leaves his swamp home and heads to New York to find his estranged father. He makes all kinds of friends along the way in this adventurous musical.

Watch Arlo the Alligator Boy on Netflix.

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Coco is about a young boy named Miguel who dreams of becoming a musician. Wanting to show his talent, he sets out on an important journey in which he learns more about his ancestors and his family's traditions.

Watch Coco on Disney+.

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The Princess and the Frog

Tiana dreams of opening a restaurant in New Orleans, but is sidetracked when she meets Prince Naveen, who's under a spell that turned him into a frog. Desperate to go back to his human form, he kisses Tiana hoping that will break the spell — instead, it turns Tiana into a frog too. The two must work together to become human again.

Watch The Princess and the Frog on Netflix.

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The Aristocats

When a greedy butler kidnaps a pedigreed cat and her kittens in order to steal the inheritance left to them, The Aristocats aren't sure what to do. The animals begin to worry, but when they meet animal friends, including an easygoing cat named Thomas O'Malley, they begin to have hope.

Watch The Aristocats on Disney+.

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Trolls World Tour

When rockers from one tribe try to destroy another tribe's music, Queen Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) must find a harmony that can save the music and bring everyone back together peacefully. This comedy musical includes tons of voices you'll recognize!

Watch Trolls World Tour on Hulu.

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When her people are threatened, Moana sets out on a voyage to save them by returning the Heart of Te Fiti to its owner. Along the way, she meets a demigod named Maui who helps her. This heartwarming movie is perfect for the entire family.

Watch Moana on Disney+.

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Barbie Princess Adventure

In Barbie Princess Adventure, Barbie trades lives with a royal lookalike. With the help of her friends, she learns who she is and the importance of staying true to herself.

Watch Barbie Princess Adventure on Netflix.

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All Dogs Go to Heaven

After a dog con artist becomes an angel, he heads back to Earth to get revenge on the dog who killed him, Carface. He ends up finding Anne-Marie, an orphan who can talk to animals, while there. He hopes she can help him in his vengeful plan, but then realizes a darker situation is afoot: Anne-Marie is being exploited by Carface, and he must save her.

Watch All Dogs Go to Heaven on Netflix.

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Over the Moon

A 2021 Oscar nominee, Over the Moon is a feel-good musical in which Fei Fei builds a rocket to travel to the moon and prove the existence of a moon goddess.

Watch Over the Moon on Netflix.

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In this comedic musical, the UglyDolls live happily in a town called Uglyville where being different is celebrated. But when they visit a town called Perfection, where prettier dolls are trained and sent off to loving children, they question their beliefs. But the UglyDolls learn that it's okay to be different and that they deserve love no matter how they look. Catch voice acting from Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, Janelle Monáe, Blake Shelton, Wanda Sykes, and more!

Watch UglyDolls on Hulu.

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After Elsa runs away after accidentally casting a spell that traps the kingdom in winter, her loving sister Anna goes off to find her. Along the way, Anna meets Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven, who help her realize that love comes in many different forms. There's a reason this movie has been on repeat: it celebrates sisterhood and family more than romance, and the songs are hard to beat!

Watch Frozen on Disney+.

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Legend Of Oz: Dorothy's Return

After returning to Kansas, Dorothy learns she must return to Oz to save her old friends from an evil jester.

Watch Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return on Amazon Prime.

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Peter Pan

When Wendy and her brothers meet Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, they're eager to follow him home to Neverland, where kids never grow up. But when Captain Hook starts trouble, the siblings question if Neverland is where they're meant to be.

Watch Peter Pan on Disney+.

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Oliver and Company

Based on the story of Oliver Twist, Oliver and Company is about a feisty dog named Oliver who's taken in by a pack of street dogs. While exploring New York, he's adopted by a rich girl named Jenny 一 but his life with her becomes threatened when she's kidnapped. Oliver must work with new and old friends to rescue his owner. This musical is about finding your home, and with songs performed by Billy Joel, Huey Lewis, and Bette Midler, the music won't disappoint.

Watch Oliver and Company on Disney+.

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame

With a little encouragement, Quasimodo finally leaves the safety of his tower to help his friend Esmeralda. But his treatment at the hands of the city folk leads him to question why he'd want to be a part of the world below. However, when Esmeralda's secret gets out, Quasimodo reemerges to saves his city and its people, who realize their judgments about him were wrong.

Watch The Hunchback of Notre Dame on Disney+.

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The Little Mermaid

Ariel, a rebellious and curious mermaid, is obsessed with human life. Her father forbids her from leaving her ocean home, but when a sea witch promises her a pair of legs in exchange for her voice, she quickly takes the opportunity so she can meet the man she loves. But will she win Prince Eric's heart and make it all worth it?

Watch The Little Mermaid on Disney+.